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Sam Bevan
Sam Bevan

Since moving to San Francisco in 1999, Sam Bevan has established himself as one of the most versatile and creative bassists in the Bay Area music scene. Bevan is able to canvas a large musical landscape where jazz, funk, r&b, folk, Afro-Cuban, Afro-Venezuelan and West African disciplines joyously intermingle. His sound is in response to the history of modern jazz, yet his composer's ear distinguishes his overall concept. Bevan explains, "Since I began my musical life as a pianist, including experiences composing and arranging for pop/rock, jazz and salsa bands, I have gained a much broader sense of the role of the bass in relationship to the composition. I am very content providing support and feel as a part of the rhythm section, but I also listen for appropriate moments to push the music into new territory. My primary goal is to create parts that are interesting and inspired without compromising the lead melodic instrument."

The foundation was laid for Bevan's career where he began classical piano lessons at the age of four. Sam's adoption of the electric and acoustic bass followed periods playing jazz and classical piano, singing professionally (he still sings when he solos on bass) and getting a BA in French. After attending college in Salt Lake City, he now resides a few miles from where he was born in Oakland, California.

Some of his current professional relationships include: Joe Craven, Monk's Music Trio, Geoff Muldaur, Jim Kweskin, the Kin, Roswell Rudd, David Grisman, The VNote Ensemble, Matt Flinner, Scott Nygaard, Bjorkestra, Rumbache, Mamadou Sidibe, Loose Wig, Kenny Washington, Michael O'Neill Quintet, Natasha Miller, Parallel 23, Chelle & Friends, Candela, Mazacote, Aram Danesh and the Super Human Crew, Stevie Coyle, Calaveras, Sonando Quartet and the Nathan Clevenger Group.

"Bay Area jazzman Bevan is a bassist for all occasions, as his quintet session bounces easily from hard-bop to groove-oriented jazz rock. It's Bevan's combination of tone, swing and chops that makes this line so fine."
-- JD Constantine, Guitar World's Bass Guitar

"Articulate, focused and highly musical, Bevan's sense of melody and rhythmic thrust showcase his talent. Tight arrangements and well conceived writing goes to show that Bevan is a multi-dimensional artist with much to offer."
-- Randy McElligot, Jazzreview

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