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Pete Blasberg
Pete Blasberg

Pete Blasberg was introduced to the harmonica through an elementary school promotion by the Hohner harmonica company. When entering Crane Technical High School in Chicago, he joined the after hours Walla Walla club and became friends with Al Fiore of the Harmonicats. Carl Freed and the Harmonica Lads, successors to the Harmonica Harlequins, was appearing at the Oriental Theatre in Chicago. Pete auditioned for Carl and six months later he was offered a spot in the group. The group played theatres and clubs and later USO Camp Shows.

Following the war, Pete formed a trio called The Harmonitones in Chicago, with Hank Hadamik, a fine chord harmonica player and his brother Bob who played bass harmonica. The group played club dates and small theatres in the Chicago area. He eventually gave up full time performing for a career in telecommunications and relocated to California's Silicon Valley.

Today, Pete is a vibrant and avid jazz harmonicist who, during those rare occaisions when he doesn't have a harmonica in his mouth, can be found sailing or leading bicycle rides (check out the link below, where last year he received the Western Wheelers lifetime award for having led almost 900 rides).

Pete performs every other week on Sunday's at the Britannia Arms jazz jam in Cupertino. On the recordings on this page, you can hear his wonderful soloing with The Sharp Harp Quintette recorded in the 1980's.

Portions of the above were lifted directly from the 2007 SPAH Convention program book. Our thanks to the author.

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