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Michael Peloquin

Michael Peloquin was born and raised in Champaign, Illinois, on the far south side of Chicago. He migrated west to San Francisco in 1984. He plays tenor, baritone and alto saxophones plus diatonic and chromatic harmonicas. He also is a lead and harmony vocalist as well as an arranger and composer.

Michael has performed, toured the world, and recorded with masters of Blues and R&B such as Albert King, Johnnie Johnson, Larry Davis, Tommy Castro, Chris Cain, Sy Klopps, and Mitch Woods.

The last two decades have found Michael in demand as an R&B horn section arranger and soloist and has led to a renewed interest in his first love; the harmonica. Up until this time Michael could always be found playing harmonica, walking, driving, anywhere. Sadly, somehow this obsession faded over time. A rekindled faith in "The People's Instrument" was realized upon becoming a featured soloist in the renowned Sy Klopps Blues Band. The culmination of this renaissance found Michael in Germany, winning the Gold Medal in Hohner's bi-annual International Harmonica Festival & Competition in 1997.

He has released a CD of original tunes entitled House of Cards on the Globe Records label. It has been described as an intriguing medley of swamp blues and horn drenched funk.

Michael is currently freelancing in the Bay Area playing R&B, Blues, New Orleans, Country and Big Band music.

Harmonica Trivia

Michael uses a combination of pucker (lip-pursing) and tongue-blocking. He's been an overblower since 1979, when Jeff Grossberg (Chicago) turned him on to Howard Levy and the overblow technique. He plays mostly in cross harp, but is knowledgeable to fluent in most other positions.

His has a melodic and hard-hitting horn-inspired playing style without any harmonic limits (fluent overbends). He's also very much into a percussive, rhythmic style of playing. Michael plays blues (in various sytles), R&B, funk, soul, country, jazz, and rock. He also has a unique and beautiful chromatic style which he will showcase at the upcoming West Coast Jazz Harmonica Summit.

He has been a clinician at SPAH West 1992, Harmonica Summit Minneapolis-2000, SPAH 2001, 2004, 2006-2009 and Jon Gindick's Jam Camp 2005. Also, Sun Coast Harmonica Club Seminar 2005 co-produced with Jason Ricci.

Michael has partnered with Harrison Harmonicas to help to develop, manufacture and market the only harmonicas Made in the U.S.A.

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